Index of Past Events

EventTitleDateKeynote Speaker
Talk2019 Princeton Reunions Talk: Midterm Review: Grading the Administration on Health Care and MoreMay 31, 2019William Frist
Forum2019 Undergraduate Student Research ForumMay 2, 2019Alexandra Argo, Hyunnew Choi, Linda Luo, Pragya Malik, Tammy Tseng
Talk2018 Princeton Reunions Talk: What's Wrong with U.S. Health Care and How Can We Fix it? A Tribute to Professor Uwe ReinhardtJune 1, 2018Douglas Elmendorf
Forum2018 Undergraduate Student Research ForumMay 3, 2018Felicia Angus, Calvert Chan, Matthew McKinlay, Christine Porr, Gavin Zhang
DinnerThe Monetary Policy Challenges AheadApril 4, 2019William Dudley
DinnerAdvice and Dissent: Why America Suffers When Economics and Politics CollideApril 12, 2018Alan Blinder
SymposiumInternational Trade PolicyFebruary 22-23, 2019Paul Krugman
SymposiumClimate Change, Risk, and Economic PolicyFebruary 9-10, 2018Robert Litterman
SymposiumThe Tenth Anniversary of the Financial CrisisSeptember 21-22, 2018Janet Yellen
SymposiumA Preliminary Report Card on the Trump AdministrationNovember 17-18, 2017Kenneth Rogoff
DinnerChanges in the Asset Management IndustryOctober 18, 2018Burton Malkiel, Barbara Novick
DinnerPreliminary Assessment of Economic Policy Nine Months into the New AdministrationOctober 19, 2017Jacob Lew
ConferenceInsights on Health Policy Conference: In tribute to Uwe ReinhardtApril 11-12, 2019Amy Finkelstein
PanelStrategies for Success: Women in High Tech, Academia, Finance, and the ArtsOctober 5, 2017Barbara Byrne, Margaret Martonosi, Samatha Parent Walravens
Talk2017 Princeton Reunions Talk: Economics and Politics: A Clash of Two CivilizationsJune 2, 2017Alan Blinder
Forum2017 Undergraduate Student Research ForumApril 27, 2017Aslihan Asil, Rene Chalom, Samantha Essig, Alexander Lee, Christina Styer
SymposiumMonetary Policy and Financial Market StabilityApril 21-22, 2017 Ben Bernanke
LuncheonPrinciples for Financial Regulatory ReformApril 7, 2017 William Dudley
SymposiumInequality and OpportunityOctober 14-15, 2016Joseph Stiglitz
DinnerThe Economic Outlook: Current and Long-TermSeptember 29, 2016Glenn Hubbard


2016 Princeton Reunions Panel Discussion: Economic Policy Issues in the 2016 Presidential CampaignMay 27, 2016Josh Bolten, Uwe Reinhardt, Joanne Im, Evan Soltas
Forum2016 Undergraduate Student Research ForumApril 28, 2016Victoria Lin, Jacqueline Marshall, Karthik Sastry, Joan Thompson, Jason Yu
DinnerOpportunities for U.S. Macroeconomic PolicyApril 7, 2016 Narayana Kocherlakota
SymposiumEconomic Policy Issues in the 2016 Presidential CampaignFebruary 19-20, 2016 N. Gregory Mankiw, Peter Orszag
DinnerChallenges for Emerging MarketsDecember 1, 2015 Arminio Fraga
SymposiumCapital Taxation PolicyOctober 16-17, 2015Martin Feldstein


2015 Princeton Reunions Panel Discussion: ObamaCare: Can it be Fixed or Should it be Repealed?May 29, 2015Avik Roy, Uwe Reinhardt
Forum2015 Undergraduate Student Research ForumApril 30, 2015David Li, Nicholas Stead, Han Tran, Linda Zhong
DinnerGlobal Financial MarketsApril 23, 2015Timothy Geithner, Chris Sims
SymposiumMonetary Policy and Labor MarketsMarch 27-28, 2015Alan Blinder
Special Symposium Celebrating the Centennial of the Federal Reserve: The Fed as Bank Regulator: Will its New Supervisory Tools and Strategies Prevent another Financial Crisis? March 20, 2015Barney Frank, Paul Volcker
Special SymposiumCelebrating the Centennial of the Federal Reserve: The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy: Traditional and New ToolsNovember 13, 2014

Paul Volcker, Alan Blinder

SymposiumIs the Financial Sector Too Big? October 24-25, 2014Lord Mervyn King
DinnerThe Shifts and the Shocks: What We've Learned—and Have Still to Learn—From the Financial CrisisOctober 8, 2014 Martin Wolf
Panel2015 Princeton Reunions Panel Discussion: Economic Policy Challenges:May 30, 2014N. Gregory Mankiw, Chris Sims
Forum2014 Undergraduate Student Research ForumMay 1, 2014Nicola Babarcich, Kimberly Chen, Joyce Lim, Jeffrey Schwartz, David Alexander Seyferth
DinnerGlobal Liquidity and the Prospects for Emerging Economies in 2014April 4, 2014 Dani Rodrik, Hyun Song Shin
SymposiumEconomic Policy Challenges in Obama's Second TermFebruary 7-8, 2014 Alan Krueger
SymposiumProspects for Long-Term Growth in the U.S. EconomyOctober 11-12, 2013Paul Krugman, Robert Gordon
DinnerThe New Geography of American ProsperitySeptember 19, 2013Meredith Whitney
Forum2013 Undergraduate Student Research ForumMay 2, 2013Maeve Drablos, Samuel Dresner, Ameer Elbuluk, Shirley Lee, Jio Park
SymposiumThe Future of the Chinese EconomyApril 19-20, 2013Governor Jon Huntsman, Stephen Roach
DinnerAfter the Music Stopped: The Financial Crisis, the Response, and the Work Ahead,March 1, 2013Alan S. Blinder
SymposiumHealth Care Spending and the Deficit November 16-17, 2012Robert D. Reischauer
DinnerThe 2012 Elections: Issues and AnswersSeptember 21, 2012
David R. Gergen
Forum2012 Undergraduate Student Research ForumMay 3, 2012Danielle Cohen-Shohet, Kameron Knab, Daniel Lewis, Samuel Roeca
SymposiumReforming the U.S. Tax SystemFebruary 10-11, 2012Alan Simpson 
SymposiumCurrencies in Crisis?November 18-19, 2011Kenneth Rogoff
PanelEurope at the CrossroadsOctober 24, 2011
Markus Brunnermeier, Paul Krugman, Hyun Song Shin, Chris Sims
DinnerEconomic and Fiscal OutlookOctober 21, 2011
Peter Orszag
SymposiumObamanomics: An Early Report CardApril 1-2, 2011Mohamed El-Erian
DinnerThe Midterm Elections and the EconomyNovember 19, 2010
James Baker, III
SymposiumFixing Economics: Lessons from the CrisisSeptember 24-25, 2010 Ben Bernanke
SymposiumA Slow Motion Train Wreck? Long-Term Prospects for the Federal BudgetApril 9-10, 2010Joshua Bolten
DinnerHealth Reform: What Happened and Why?May 7, 2010Douglas Elmendorf
SymposiumNever Again? Building a Stronger Financial SystemNovember 13-14, 2009William Dudley
DinnerThe View from the Crow’s Nest (in Fog); Perspectives on the Financial Markets’ Turmoil and Its Implications for One Long-Term Focused InvestorOctober 23, 2009Andrew Golden
SymposiumObama and the Economy: An Early Report CardApril 17-18, 2009Paul Krugman
DinnerThe Crash of 2008March 5, 2009George Soros
DinnerThe Financial Crisis and Election 2008October 1, 2008Norman Ornstein
Symposium21st Century Financial CrisesSeptember 12-13, 2008Barney Frank
SymposiumTax Cuts: Retrospective and ProspectiveApril 25-26, 2008Robert Rubin
DinnerFrederic S. MishkinApril 3, 2008Frederic Mishkin
SymposiumOffshoring: Opportunity, Threat, or Both?November 16-17, 2007Thomas Friedman
DinnerAre American CEOs Overpaid, and If So, What If Anything Should Be Done About It?October 9, 2007Richard Posner
SymposiumSarbanes-Oxley in RetrospectMay 11-12, 2007William Donaldson
DinnerPsychology for Behavioral FinanceFebruary 22, 2007Daniel Kahneman
DinnerThe Post Greenspan Fed: Can There Be Too Much Transparency?December 8, 2006David Wessel
SymposiumHealthcare: Prospects and PolicyNovember 17-18, 2006Michael Porter
SymposiumWhither the Dollar? March 3-4, 2006Paul Volcker
DinnerThe Benefits of Price StabilityFebruary 24, 2006Ben Bernanke
DinnerPandemic: What Should the Health and Economic Prescriptions Say?November 18, 2005 William Frist
SymposiumSocial Security in PerspectiveSeptember 23-24, 2005 Harvey Rosen
SymposiumThe Future of the Federal ReserveApril 1-2, 2005Timothy Geithner
DinnerEliot SpitzerFebruary 17, 2005Eliot Spitzer
SymposiumUnderstanding the Chinese Economic MiracleNovember 12-13, 2004Nicholas Kristof
DinnerEconomic Issues of the Upcoming Presidential ElectionOctober 8, 2004Al Hunt
SymposiumThe Economic Policy of the Bush
March 26-27, 2004Paul Krugman
DinnerJohn ReedFebruary 6, 2004John Reed
DinnerPaul SarbanesNovember 14, 2003Paul Sarbanes
SymposiumTroubled Industries: What Role
for Government?
October 17-18, 2003Lawrence Lindsey
SymposiumInternational Economic Policy:
March 28-29, 2003Robert Rubin
DinnerJohn BiggsJanuary 22, 2003John Biggs
SymposiumLand Mines in FinanceOctober 18-19, 2002John Bogle
SymposiumEnergy PolicyMay 3-4, 2002Norman Ornstein
DinnerEconomics of BaseballFebruary 13, 2002George Will
SymposiumThe Impact of September 11th
on U.S. Economic Policy
November 9-10, 2001William Frist
DinnerMonetary PolicyOctober 10, 2001Edward Gramlich
SymposiumThe Stock Market and the New
May 11-12, 2001Myron Scholes
DinnerSteve ForbesFebruary 2, 2001Steve Forbes
DinnerNow What?December 3, 2000Paul Krugman
SymposiumTax ReformOctober 13-14, 2000Martin Feldstein
LectureThird World Debt Relief: No Easy Answers; No Simple
May 17, 2000James Baker
SymposiumIs It a New World?: Economic Surprises of the
Last Decade
May 5-6, 2000Paul Volcker
SymposiumClintonomics: A RetrospectiveNovember 12-13, 1999Laura Tyson
ForumThe Millennium Round of Trade NegotiationsOctober 12, 1999Christine Whitman, Klaus Schwab
SymposiumWhat's Up with the Stock Market?May 7-8, 1999William McDonough
ForumNew Directions In AntitrustMarch 12, 1999Robert Pitofsky
SymposiumLeaner and Meaner?: The Role of Labor in

the New U.S. Economy
November 6-7, 1998John Reed
DinnerThe Current Economic Turmoil and What to Do About
It: A Central Banker Shares Some Thoughts
September 18, 1998Alice Rivlin
SymposiumHas the Business Cycle Been Tamed?May 8-9, 1998Abby Joseph Cohen
ForumGlobal WarmingFebruary 20, 1998Jerry Mahlman
SymposiumThe Future of Social SecurityOctober 17-18, 1997Michael Boskin
DinnerThe Tax Bill of 1997: Path to the Future or Detour
to the Past?
September 12, 1997William W. Bradley
SymposiumOpportunities and Risks in Emerging MarketsMay 2-3, 1997James.Wolfensohn
ForumBreaking Down Financial BarriersFebruary 14, 1997Eugene Ludwig
SymposiumThe U.S. Economy in the 21st CenturyNovember 15-16, 1996Joseph Stiglitz
ForumThe Financial Markets and the Federal ReserveOctober 11, 1996Paul Volcker
SymposiumThe Future of Monetary PolicyApril 26-27, 1996Alan Blinder
ForumPharmaceuticals at the Front Line: Issues Facing
the Industry
February 9, 1996Robert Willig
ForumComprehensive Tax ReformNovember 17, 1995Frederick Goldberg
SymposiumInnovation and Public PolicyOctober 20-21, 1995James Cosgrove
SymposiumNew Directions in Environmental PolicyMay 12-13, 1995Ralph Nader
ForumCapital Gains TaxationMarch 24, 1995David Wessel
DinnerMonetary PolicyFebruary 3, 1995Alan Blinder
ForumNJ Utilities RegulationDecember 13, 1994Herbert Tate
SymposiumMajor Issues in Health Care ReformNovember 11-12, 1994Uwe Reinhardt
SymposiumFinancial Market RegulationApril 29-30, 1994Merton Miller
SymposiumThe Clinton Administration: A Preliminary Report
November 5-6, 1993Paul Volcker
SymposiumThe Future of Free TradeMay 7-8, 1993John Danforth
SymposiumTaxation and the U.S. Saving ProblemOctober 16-17, 1992Robert Solow
SymposiumReforming America's Health Care SystemMay 15-16, 1992Joseph Califano
SymposiumThe Quality of the U.S. Labor Force: Is It Declining? What Can We Do About It?October 11-12, 1991John Silber
SymposiumThe Economic Transformation of Eastern EuropeMay 10-11, 1991Vaclav Klaus
SymposiumVolatility and Fragility in the Financial MarketsNovember 9-10, 1990Henry Kaufman
SymposiumWhat's Different About the Japanese EconomyApril 20-21, 1990Paul Volcker