The Benjamin H. Griswold III, Class of 1933, Center for Economic Policy Studies funds economic policy-related research projects within Princeton’s Department of Economics.

Junior Independent Work Research Forum

The inaugural Junior Independent Work Research Forum was held on October 2, 2019. This annual event selects 4-6 undergraduate juniors to present their Junior Independent Work (JIW) at a forum in the fall of their senior year to the rising juniors in the Department of Economics. The forum provides rising juniors the opportunity to see the variety of research they might consider and offers the selected students the opportunity to showcase their research. Furthermore, the selected students are named as Undergraduate Associates of the Griswold Center for Economic Policy Studies and receive invitations to all of our member events.

Junior Independent Work Research Forum, Selected Students, June 2023:

  • Ashley Y. Fan ’24, Consistently Inconsistent: An Analysis of Heterogeneity in Medicare’s Competitive Bidding Programs across Durable Medical Equipment Groups
  • Antek Hasiura ’24, Bank Runs in Decentralized Finance: An NLP Sentiment Analysis of the Anchor DeFi Lending Protocol Failure
  • Shirley Ren ’24, The Distributional Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks in China
  • Maya A. Satchell ’24, How Do Credit Supply Shocks Affect a Family’s Ability to Move to a High Opportunity Neighborhood?
  • Nicole I. Svensson ’24, Examining the Effect of Hurricanes on the Florida Housing Market in Varying Flood Vulnerability Zones

Junior Independent Work Research, Selected Students, Prior Years:

  • Asher Joy ’23, Is the Common Core at the Core of Educational Equity? Exploring the Effect of the Common Core State Standards on Race- and Income-Based Achievement Gaps
  • JC Martinez ’23, The Political Implications of Corporate Philanthropy: Evidence from Pivotal Politics and Legislator Behavior on Environmental Issues
  • Katherine F. McIntire ’23, The Effects of ESG and Environmental Practices on Corporate Financial Performance: An Analysis of S&P 500 Companies from 2007 to 2020
  • Georgia L. Nabors ’23, Revisiting Mortgage Discrimination and Racial Redlining: An Analysis of HMDA Data Before, During, and After the Great Recession
  • Jean Suttasunthorn ’23, The Effect of the 2015 Refugee Influx on Native Employment Rates in Germany: A Differences-in-Differences Analysis
  • Shruti Venkat ’23, The Effect of Online Gambling Regulation on Cannabis and Alcohol Addiction Based on Region of Residence in Québec
  • Andrew L. Castleman ’22, The Effect of Gender and Race on Wage Spillover from Uber’s Entrance in United States Cities
  • Leland J. Domaratzky ’22, Halliburton II and its Impact on Litigation Trends of Securities Fraud Class Actions
  • Caren Ju ’22, General Employment Effects of Ban-the-Box and Certificate of Restoration Policies
  • Sophia R. Lewandrowski ’22, American Medical Malpractice Tort Law: The Effect of Variations in Caps on Attorney Contingency Fees on State Health Expenditures as a Proxy for Defensive Medicine
  • Emiri Morita ’22, Employment Impacts of the ARC’s POWER Initiative Grants in Coal Communities
  • Jack Aiello ’21, Understanding the IMF’s Impact on Income Inequality: Institutional Change or Business as Usual?
  • Sara Hailu ’21, The Effect of County Veterans Service Offices on County Veterans Affairs Expenditures
  • Arthur Markley ’21, The Effect of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 on Credit Card Delinquency Rates
  • Santiago Robertson-Lavalle ’21, Slum Dwellings and the Minimum Wage: An Analysis Using Evidence from Brazil
  • Devin Sun ’21, The Effect of Uber’s Entrance on Wages for Low-Skilled Occupations across the United States
  • Nicholas R. Garvey ’20, A Cure for the China Syndrome? The Differential Effect of Chinese Import Exposure on the Wage Outcomes of Highly Unionized Regions in the United States
  • Isabella Haegg ’20, The Impact of Politécnicos on Students’ Educational Outcomes in the Dominican Republic
  • Nathaniel Hickok ’20, Socially Optimal Districting with Heterogeneous Partisans and Endogenous Party Platforms
  • Sean C. Howe ’20, Please Keep off the Grass: Effects of Marijuana Legalization on Employment Outcomes in the U.S.
  • Cecilia Rojas ’20, The Effect of the Gender Wage Gap on Domestic Violence in Mexico
  • Madison Soukup ’20, Exposing the Cutting Season: An Examination of Female Genital-Mutilation and its Impact on HIV Rates across Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Gabriel D. Swagel ’20, Labor Quality and the Inverse Relationship between Farm Size and Productivity: Evidence from Indian Agriculture